I am a big fan of Vandana Vishwas... she has one of the best voices in the world!... Rick Anderson, CD Hotlist on 'Parallels'.

Vandana Vishwas delivers on the title's promise in quite surprising ways. Fiqr E Manzil - Rock, a Ghazal treated with the rock trinity of distorted electric guitars, bass guitar and metal worthy drum-set is one of my favourites!... Andrew Timar, The WholeNote on 'Parallels'.

Vandana Vishwas has blended Indian music traditions with other genres in really inventive ways with pleasing results!... Jay Paul, WRUV Reviews on 'Parallels'.

(Vandana) Vishwas has a perfect voice for the high-pitched music... and... Vandana Vishwas could have taken her place up there in the constellation of great playback singers... Alastair M. Johnston, Muzikifanon 'Monologues'.

The songs on Monologues cast a spell over your ears with their subtle pace and ambiance. Vandana Vishwas' songwriting is as mesmerizing as her trembling voice and the way she's able to hold the listener in a trance is awesome. Paul Pop, Pop Stereoon 'Monologues'.

Elements of Hindustani classical music balance Western complexity in songs that express a search for identity conducted between personal yearnings and societal expectations. Vishwas' beautiful, lilting voice conveys her exceptional talent in this immersive album. Midwest Book Review on 'Monologues'.

The real magic though, is to hear the familiar jazz rhythms set against Vishwas’s soaring Indian vocals. This is her most direct nod to her past and the Canada she has come to call home! Andrea Warner, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) on 'Monologues'.

Her musical palette now includes elements of jazz and pop music as well, though her singing style remains deeply rooted in Indian tradition. And her voice is a joy to hear on every track! Rick Anderson, CD Hotlist on 'Monologues'.

(Vandana) Vishwas’ adventurous arrangements and captivating vocals make Monologues an engaging listen from start to finish! Alex, Splinters & Candy on 'Monologues'.

...Lata Mangeshkar comes to mind on the vocals, but in a much more contemporary way. The scintillating melodies and dreamy percussion tracks are outstanding! Matthew Forss, Inside World Music on 'Monologues'.

Vandana Vishwas' tenderness toward melody and lyrics bring the songs on 'Meera: the Lover' to life! John Goddard, The Toronto Star.

Each Song features Vishwas' expressive, crystalline voice accompanied by musicians playing various traditional Indian instruments.. Errol Nazareth, The Toronto Sun.

I was impressed with the simplicity and sincerity in her voice, coupled with her ability to live up to the sheer poetry of the lyrics. I also love the fact that her pronunciations are right on target and didn't miss a beat... Savia Rajagopal, Ex-Times Of India feature writer

Vandana's gently gliding vocals are more entrancing than the tablas in this musical respinning of classic poems.... Andrew Frey, Maximum Ink music magazine.

.... an unspeakably beautiful album of romantic devotional songs ..... Though the hypnotic songs are grounded in East Indian tradition, they have crosscultural appeal! David Steinberg, Best of 2009 - Albuquerque Journal (New Mexico).

Vishwas' voice is gorgeous and the arrangements are as well.... CD Hotlist, Baker & Taylor.

Loaded with mysticism and a sense of enchantment.......Meera, The Lover is a beautifully played album that's authentic in every way imaginable and ....from the opening notes of, "Badara Re," to the closing drones of, "Dandiya," the album will leave you breathless... DJ Paul, Pop Stereo, First Coast News

In a distinct departure from the popular one-dimensional bhajan-style rendition, (Vandana) Vishwas's style of composing Meera's poetry infuses ... a passionate longing.... a romantic vibrancy to the devotion. Priya Das, India Currents this musical presentation (Vandana) Vishwas makes everything amazingly attractive... Marcello Pedrolo, Mirando Al Sur Radio

Vishwas' voice glides up and down the scale with ease, expressing pain, joy and, sometimes, unworldly delight. David Luhrssen,

Through most of the album, the mood is one of devout serenity and subtle modulation........ Deanne Sole, Pop Matters

Vandana Vishwas renders Meera Bai's songs of love and passion in a soothing voice. Her debut album, Meera - The Lover, is profoundly melodious. South Asian Observer

It is her persistence and dedicated pursuit of music that have made Vandana evolve into a versatile singer with all the finer nuances, melody and sweet fragrance of Indian Music! Ustaad Ahmed and Mohammed Hussain Ghazal Maestro brothers.

Vandana's voice is a musical treat! Mr. Sohail Rana Legendary south Asian composer of timeless classics such as 'Aaj Jaane ki zid na karo' and 'Mujhe tum nazar se gira to rahe ho'

A lovely, hypnotic album that takes you to places you've only heard in dreams Midwest Record on Meera - The Lover

A soul-hauntingly beautiful work, Meera: The Lover... is a delight to listen to for pleasure and an excellent gift to any loved one who appreciates fine audio art. Highly recommended. Midwest Book Review on Meera - The Lover

It's almost as if Vandana was the second coming of Lata And a truly great album of traditional love songs! Alastair Johnston, on Meera - The Lover

Vandana has a wonderful voice and a keen ear for classical music Samir Shukla, on Meera - The Lover


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